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How to Join

Membership in Una Voce Illini is free of cost. Our constitution and bylaws can be found here. To join Una Voce Illini, please mail the following form to our mailing address at

Una Voce Illini
P.O. Box 17161
Urbana, IL 61803

We ask that you try to attend the Masses we organize, as often as you can. The location and time for these Masses will be announced on the mailing list and front page of this website. Details on how to join the mailing list are below. After 5 PM Mass at St. John's Catholic Chapel at the University of Illinois we say the Rosary together in Latin for the intentions of Una Voce Illini. We ask that you offer up Masses and Rosaries for the intentions of our chapter, and pray for the intercession of our patrons Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Saint Gregory the Great, and Saint Pius V. If you have questions about membership please email us at unavoceillini@gmail.com

Schola Rosa Mystica Angelorum

Una Voce Illini has recently formed a ladies' schola. The schola is directed by Stephanie Pestana. All of the current members are students of the University of Illinois, but all women are welcome. The ladies practice at 7:00 PM on Saturdays at St. John's Chapel. If you are a lady who is interested in joining the schola, please contact us at unavoceillini@gmail.com

Mailing List

To subscribe to our mailing list, you can type your email address in the Subscribe to our mailing list! box near the bottom of the left sidebar and then press the Go button. This should bring up a pop-up window to Google Groups where you can finish the process of subscribing.

Another way to subscribe to our mailing list is to send an empty email to unavoceillini+subscribe@googlegroups.com

We use our mailing list and Facebook page to send out Mass times and news about other special events of interest to our members. If you use Facebook, please like our Facebook group